How Long Will My Hardware Project Take?

Posted January 9th, 2018 by Bailey Jones

Short Answer: 18 months. That is if you have your engineering team, design team, and production arrangements already in place. Small projects and large projects alike must march through these stages on the way to completion:

  • Design and Engineering                                3-6 months
  • Validation and Testing                                   1-2 months
  • Find and Vet Manufacturers                         2-3 months
  • Manufacture the Tooling                               6-12 weeks
  • Produce First Parts, Adjust Design              2 weeks
  • Manufacture Production Parts                     2 weeks
  • Regulatory Testing                                          1-2 months
  • Assembly and Packaging                                2 weeks
  • Shipping and Clearing Customs                   1-2 months
  • Fulfillment to the Customer                          1 week

No doubt you are making a mental note of your own timeline. Please resist the urge to squeeze down your delivery forecast to less than twelve months. Reality will surely intervene and push that release date back out.

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