Plastics Design Course

Posted August 28th, 2014 by Bailey Jones

I started teaching a new Plastics Design course this Fall at ACC.  We are using Creo 2 software (formerly called Pro/Engineer) as we study principles of injection molding.  We’ll get to look at real-life example parts and also will take a field trip or two to local injection molding facilities.  Did you know that Tasus Corporation in Georgetown manufactures large, high-end parts for the Toyota Tundra factory in San Antonio? We’ve toured the Tasus facility in previous semesters.

Here’s an excerpt from the Syllabus:

Course Description:

This course builds upon the concepts presented in DFTG 1433 (Inventor) and DFTG 1429 (Solidworks). The Solidworks class is not a prerequisite, although it is helpful to take it before or concurrently with this class.  This class covers advanced CAD methods with an emphasis on cast and injection-molded part design.

For this class you should have prior 3D modeling experience and be comfortable drafting to ASME Y14.5 2009 standards. We will be using Creo 2 software to take your CAD expertise to the next level.  We will quickly review topics from your previous classes and apply them to this software.  Then, we will move past working with basic parts, assemblies and drawings, and begin learning more advanced techniques such as:

  • top-down design (skeleton modeling)
  • complex surfacing
  • cast and injection-molded part design (plastics design)
  • design standards for mass-production
  • prototyping methods, including the 3D printer we have in our department: a Dimension FDM (fused deposition modeling) machine.

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